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vancouver engagement: jenny&andrew

it was in the fall of 2002 that jenny & andrew’s paths first crossed. jenny and her friend lena had mentioned taking a martial arts class together and they finally decided to go for it. andrew had been practicing aikido for over a year and remembered one of the new girls, jenny, almost immediately. the first class gone by, andrew found himself trying to find a spot near jenny in the classes to come: just in case the instructor asked them to pair up. another semester passes, jenny’s friend decides not to attend again, leaving jenny and andrew to talk for another semester.

as their friendship grew, andrew offered rides home to jenny or at least to the skytrain, whatever she needed. the instant messaging began around the same time. ;) one day andrew asked jenny to come swing dancing with him–they went and had a ton of fun. a few weeks later, another swing dancing invite but it was on valentine’s day. not wanting to assume, jenny knew they were still friends and only friends. but when andrew showed up with a rose at her front door, jenny started to think something was changing. when andrew dropped her off that night, he kissed her cheek and jenny remembers,  i wasn’t expecting it, it was a little of a awkward moment. but i felt flustered and and excited as i went to my room that night.


two days later, they are out for coffee [study break!] in the pouring vancouver rain. on impulse andrew blurted out, “how about dance in the rain?” and jenny thought it sounded like a fine idea. ;) they stopped by a park near her house and andrew put on some music, left the car window open and they started to dance in the rain. and andrew officially asked jenny to  be his girlfriend.

i loved photographing jenny & andrew. they have such a great style together: a lot of their favourite vancouver spots are either already favourites of mine, or places i can’t wait to try! in their client questionnaires they gave so many cafe/restaurant recommendations including meat and bread, cafe medina, sweet revenge and one i especially can’t wait to try, an italian coffeeshop they were braggin’ on called caffe rustico. not only do jenny & andrew love good food, good coffee, design and style, they also love good music. together they’ve seen coldplay, aqualung, feist and phoenix, just to name a few. a little tidbit i loved about them [and that reminds me of ME] is that they saw aqualung in concert twice in one weekend. they went in vancouver, had already planned a trip to seattle for that weekend, found out they were planning again and went a second time. ahhh shows! so fun.

and travel! oh how they’ve traveled! the list of places jenny & andrew have been together is lengthy–and andrew’s proposal to jenny came in oia, greece last year where they vacationed together. talk about perfect. sounds like jenny isn’t used to anything less than thoughtful romantic expressions though. ;) she writes in her questionnaire that andrew is: thoughtful and romantic. we have never stopped being smitten for each other, and he always surprises me. this year i found flowers at my desk ‘just because.’ he brought small glass coke bottles to work and put it on my desk, each with a flower in it. now he gets me new flowers when the old ones need to be replaced. he left me a letter while he was traveling in Italy, he was on a field school while i was traveling with a friend. i stayed at the same apartment rental as he did, but came after he left, and the owner gave me a letter written by him to me. so sweet.

to see more of jenny & andrew’s vancouver engagement session click here for a slideshow!


p.s. andrew & jenny are the best clients. check out these two photos they’ve emailed me as “thank-you’s” to little gifts i’ve passed along their way. i love getting their emails. and i can’t wait for their wedding.

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  1. Sarah Hoke says:

    The story of them meeting is one of the most precious stories I’ve ever seen. Aw! What a beautiful couple :) Love the engagement photos!

  2. These are so fun! Beautiful images!

  3. Karen McCutchon says:


  4. Tina says:

    Love that they emailed you those two pictures as a thank you! Too cute:)

  5. s h e r r y says:

    (: They’re so adorable! And I love their story!

  6. Airika Pope says:

    Cute session! I especially love the ones in the grass and on the dock. :)

  7. Lesia Payne says:

    Jenny and Andrew look so so so happy here. Wow Jenny you are looking so beautiful!!! I can’t wait to see the wedding photos and am so excited for you both.

    Jamie, very glad I referred you as this is a great shoot and there isn’t a better photographer for these two than you!!!

  8. Ellie says:

    These are so pretty. Love your work a lot. :) I have never commented but I have been peeking at your work for a while now.

  9. Faith Bowyer says:

    What an adorable couple! Their story is too cute, and they look like such awesome people – that will be a fun wedding to shoot : )
    Great pictures, as always!!

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