August 31, 2012 In engagements, photography

deer lake park engagement: agnes&jerry

agnes and jerry are friends of one of my favourite clients, veronica and henry. they attended their wedding back in july 2011 — and after getting engaged last fall, decided to book me for their october 2012 wedding. yay! i love referrals and these two are a blast. they swear they are “boring” people… but i don’t buy it after an hour with them.

agnes & jerry met in a unique way — they had a mutual friend who had been chatting about introducing the two of them. agnes had been shown jerry’s photo, but jerry had no idea what agnes looked like! they arrived at the same restaurant at the same time one evening. jerry hold the door open for agnes as she entered, and agnes recognized him as the guy her friend had been chatting about! jerry, of course, had no idea who this woman was. later that evening, the mutual friend called jerry. “the woman you held the door for, that’s agnes! that’s the girl!” jerry took this as a sign to add her online and they started chatting. they soon met up for their first date and knew it was a special connection right away. i’m pumped for their traditional chinese banquet this fall… and preparing energy right now to shoot their 12-hour day. :)

  • so cute. love the lighting.

  • ellie

    these are simply beautiful. :)