July 19, 2010 In photography, weddings

vancouver backyard wedding: samantha+kyle

samantha and kyle’s wedding was such a beautiful, love-filled day. a few things stick out to me that i want to blog about here! samantha+kyle are the youngest couple i’ve photographed. i love young couples. samantha graduated the same year as i from a high school five minutes away from my house–we have quite a few mutual acquaintances, which is so fun. i recognized her last name as soon as i got the wedding inquiry a few months ago. it was my first time photographing a bride my own age—i guess that’s going to start happening more? i’m getting so old. ;)

the wedding took place at the brand new mormon temple in langley, bc. it just opened up this summer and it’s such a stunning, stunning property. it’s the first mormon temple built in bc. can’t get over how beautiful it is. we started coverage there as samantha+kyle came out of the temple doors pronounced husband and wife forever! we walked around the property photographing the bridal party and sam+kyle against the amazing architecture. loved it. in the evening samantha’s family held the wedding reception in their gorgeous backyard, complete with a pool and endless mountain views. did i mention their house was a literal two minute drive away from my house? shortest commute of life. i was so happy to be a part of their celebration. samanatha and kyle will be returning back to utah in september to finish up their schooling at BYU. i wish you both incredible happiness!

to see more of samantha+kyle’s backyard wedding CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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  • Great captures as usual Jamie! :)

  • Beautiful pictures! I love the first dance being poolside at the parents house! Very cool. :-)

  • Beautiful…great images Jamie!

  • bahaha…. this wedding looks very similar to my most recent one… ;)

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  • I’m from Utah, you shoot LOTS of Temple weddings here. But they are totally beautiful. And you’re amazing, like always!

  • tes photos sont toujours superbes. elles m’inspirent souvent.

  • I love that ring shot, great wedding images, just love.

  • The bride is just to cute!! I love her smile!Amazing photos!

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  • Brilliant images! Beautiful work, as always!

  • What a cute couple! Awesome photos!