June 27, 2011 In engagements, photography

UBC engagement session: laura&iain

laura & iain are such a fun couple: from their very first email to me, which they highlighted their preference for anti-cheezy wedding photos, i knew they were a good match for me! when they drove out from north vancouver [where they live] all the way to fort langley, to meet with me in my studio space, i loved them even more. ;) laura & iain are planning a wedding at brock house restaurant in vancouver the first weekend in september. i absolutely love that venue–they picked their wedding date specifically around brock house‘ availability and for good reason too! they have an outdoor ceremony planned at sunset and i can’t wait. september is one of my favourite, favourite seasons. perfect combination of summer and quickly-approaching autumn.

last week, i drove out to the university of british columbia to walk around the campus grounds with these two lovely people. as we walked we talked about iain’s current job: he spends every other month working full-time in russia and then comes home for a month off. it’s made planning the wedding a little difficult! to add to their busy lives, laura & iain are moving to newfoundland after the wedding. all the way across canada: pretty much the furthest point you could ever move to and still be in canada.

i love the chemistry between laura & iain: such a comfort level between them, so much joy in their hugs and their laughter and their kisses. i am thankful for clients like this that make long drives from langley to vancouver for a one hour shoot worth it. enjoy!

  • cute photos! especially love the black and white ones.

  • Cute!

  • So adorable!

  • Love the black and white ones!! Great shoot Jamie! :)

  • Loving these! such a cute couple! You can totally tell their chemistry through the photos! Amazing job, Jamie :)

  • These images are GREAT! I recognize Laura from highschool in North Van…small world! Happy to see that you are capturing her wedding images this year. All the best Jamie! I can’t believe that Darren and I are coming up to 2 years already. We still LOVE every photo that you took. Such cherished memories.
    Congratulations Laura and Iain! All the best.