Fraser River Lodge Wedding

i had seen rebecca‘s name floating around the vancouver photographer world for a few months. we had even exchanged a few emails about photoshoot locations in langley and such. though we had yet to meet, we were facebook friends (because us photographers like to be connected… duh!)– and last year i saw on facebook that she was engaged. rebecca being a photographer herself, she literally knows of hundreds of photographers that would do an amazing job capturing her wedding day. i was so stoked when i saw an email land in my inbox saying she was interested in meeting with me. to my delight, they hired me! rebecca+adam’s engagement session last year was one of my favourites of 2009… and one of yours. ;) it was the most commented-on post of the year! i knew fun stuff was in store for their wedding. ooooh, was i ever right!

adam & rebecca went to the same private catholic high school years ago… but never knew each other. three grades apart, their paths never crossed. it wasn’t until rebecca became a server at the restaurant adam worked at that the two connected. as the story goes, adam was training rebecca on the closing tasks of the restaurant: dealing with the money at the end of the night, etc. he asked rebecca out to dinner and rebecca looked up, awkwardly laughed and kept counting out the money. she went home to her family, talked about her day. when she got to the part about adam asking her out to dinner, her family freaks out on her: “rebecca, he was asking you OUT. and you LAUGHED.” whoops. the next day, adam wasn’t on the schedule, but rebecca wrote a little note, “yes. i’d love to have dinner with you,” and left it in the safe for him to find the next day. he found it. ;)

every detail of rebecca+adam’s day was perfectly planned. rebecca had stunning taste and it made my job so easy. they had the best-lookin’ bridal party i’ve ever seen. i absolutely loved the bridesmaids’ j.crew dresses (been dying to shoot a wedding with j.crew dresses!) and the groomsmen’s tan suits. rebecca designed all of the florals herself. the reception took place at the amazing fraser river lodge in agassiz, bc. couldn’t get over how stunning everything was. there must have been over two hundred mason jars throughout the lodge, with a single tealight in the bottom of each one. so simple, so elegant. the centerpieces and all the details were nothing short of perfect. rebecca+adam shared their first dance on the balcony of the fraser river lodge, overlooking snow-capped mountains. the band was phenomenal, playing awesome music from the 60s like “you can’t hurry love” while guests danced under strawberry-coloured lanterns. as i was packing up to leave, i had a permasmile on my face. what a fabulous wedding. if it wasn’t for my aching feet and tired back, i would have stayed and dance the night away. ;) it was truly that much fun. enjoy these photos. i couldn’t choose and this post has already taken me hours, so you’re just gettin’ a ton, k?

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  1. Christy says:

    What a lovely, beautiful wedding! Love the shots under the bridge!

  2. Terah says:

    L O V E this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tina says:

    LOVE these! What an awesome wedding:) I so so so can’t wait for you to come out to Philly for mine in October!

  4. *Sigh* Simply beautiful!! Beautiful pictures Jamie, and Rebecca, beautiful beautiful wedding!! :)

  5. julie h says:

    so so so gorgeous! love their colors and that luscious foliage makes for a stunning back drop!

  6. Jamie! I love these pictures, especially the ones by the old house covered in vines!Good job!

  7. Frances says:

    I was actually afraid to comment on this one because of how many times I might use the word "love". Rebecca truly is one classy lady. And you captured it perfectly. And what would you call that colour? Salmon? Coral? Sunset? It’s so perfect and so unique. High fives!

  8. I smiled so much looking through these photos!

  9. Kelly Green says:

    Simply beautiful images that perfectly capture the emotions of the day. Stunning job as usual Jamie : )

  10. Deborah Zoe says:

    these are wonderful. her dress is amazing and that bridge shot of the two of them is off the charts. looooveee it all!

  11. Lexi says:

    Gorgeous wedding! What a beautiful place to have it!! Love her shoes by the way, too cute! :)

  12. These are incredibly beautiful. Jamie, you never cease to amaze me!

  13. Vanessa says:

    Gorgeous as always Jamie! LOVE the ones with the Bridge!

  14. Jill says:

    Jamie, these pictures are so incredible! I wish I could afford you for my wedding next month!!! Beautiful job :) God bless!

  15. donya says:

    What a beautiful wedding! You capture it so well, Jamie (as always :) ).

  16. Evie Perez says:

    Oh my word Jamie!!!! I have no words to express how captivating these images are. I mean they are beautiful and the images felt so real. What a blessing to have an amazing photographer. Congrats to the beautiful couple, and I know that they are gong to love these as much as we do!!!

  17. Cat Watson says:

    Love love these shots! My favorite is the ‘wedding this way’ shot with her blurred in the background, really simple yet pretty and effective. Great job!

  18. Mackenzie T. says:

    I love these pictures! This wedding is absolutely beautiful and is a dream wedding that I hope I could replicate someday! Thanks for sharing, you have beautiful talent! The bride is gorgeous too!!

  19. Lydia says:

    Their engagement session was a definite favorite, and the wedding didn’t disappoint!

  20. These photos are truly glorious. This wedding was amazing in so many ways :) Great job!

  21. dorothy says:

    omgggg this wedding looked amazing! the bride is gorgeous!

  22. Absolutely beautiful wedding… gorgeous bridal party, beautiful details… this was The wedding to shoot! Great job Jamie :)

  23. sara says:

    by far, the most visually appealing wedding i have ever seen. love the colours, the details, everything. those tea lights must have taken a long time to light! congratulations to them!

  24. Laura says:

    These are so beautiful! Her dress, the colours, details, everything are amazing!

  25. Janine Sept says:

    You ALWAYS seem to catch the PERFECT moments! That’s what makes you brilliant JD! FANTASTIC shots!!!!

  26. Maggie says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS Jamie!!

  27. larissa says: words.i love you both even more now.

  28. Stephanie K. says:

    Love every single picture!!!

  29. Wow! Absolutely stunning couple and gorgeous portraits

  30. Jenny says:

    I love them. All of them. Love. Love. Love. :)

  31. Josh says:

    Another favourite! Stunning, simply stunning!

  32. Summer Rose says:

    Oh WOWEE! I LOVE these photos! Every single one! The one with the two bridesmaids holding hands is just the cutest…and I LOVE the Bride’s dress. Perfect Perfect!

  33. s h e r r y says:

    Oh Jamie, these are SO pretty! Rebecca, you look AMAZING <3 <3 <3 I love your dress/shoes. (And the colours ;D)

  34. Amy Q says:

    SO stunning, as usual! Love it!

  35. Naomi says:

    Very nice job, Jamie! I think this is one of my favourite weddings you’ve posted this year :)

  36. Rebecca says:

    Oh Jamie. How much do I love these? Very very very VERY much. We just flew in from our honeymoon last night and this was the perfect thing to come home to. Having you there on our wedding day was the best decision of all time. ever. :D Thank you SO much. love rebecca :)

  37. Cathy Empey says:

    Wow! Congratulations on a job well done! All around! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you have posted so very much!

  38. mandie says:

    that location is killer.flat out beautiful.and you are one fab photographer, jamie delaine.

  39. lisa says:

    lllllllove these photos. absolutely gorgeous work.

  40. Abby Leigh says:

    LOVE these!! What a gorgeous wedding

  41. Truc says:

    This couple’s engagement session was definitely one of my favorites. I adore this wedding!

  42. Jayme says:

    Gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her wedding dress!

  43. Arjan and Ingrid Dekker (Holland) says:

    Hi Jamie, We were not at the wedding we wished,but from Holland ( it s my cousins daughter) you have made super photo’s from the wedding. The way you took the pics it s amazing to see , wonderfull, they look very great and happy with a nice area. You did a super job.We wish them all the luck, health and happiness from the world in their marriage. Bye bye from Heemskerk Holland Arjan

  44. rebecca, you make the most stunning bride! seriously…amazing. your dress…gorgeous. truly beautiful and fabulous details. the biggest congrats to you and adam. a lifetime of love and happiness.beautiful work jamie!

  45. Linda Mackie says:

    Wonderful photos Jaime….congratulations Rebecca!!

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