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steveston engagement session: kellie+ken

kellie+ken emailed last summer about their wedding and we arranged to meet up at a starbucks the next week. we were finalizing the time and i mentioned, “you’ll recognize me as the blonde with the yellow laptop bag.” kellie emailed back, “see you soon! we’ll be the hot young asian couple.” — loved them right away. their playfulness and sense of humour together totally cracks me up. the questionnaire they filled out together made me laugh out loud more than a couple times. no exaggerating. let me show you…

when i asked, “when you can do anything you want to do–what do you do?” ken answered, “i think it’s safe to say that we both like watching TV series on DVDs. so we like sitting on our butts, not moving with our eyes glued to the TV. i’m surprise we are not fatter than we are,” kellie interjects, “we ARE fatter than we think we are. geez.” hahah! when i asked what music meant the most to them, ken answered, “i’ve been learning to play the guitar for a few years now. i am actually pretty musically talented. i started to play the piano when i was about seven years old. but with that said, we don’t have a song. i just wanted to brag that i can play both the piano and guitar.” too funny.

kellie is an accountant and ken a police officer. they have been together since high school. high school, folks! they also take the cake for the longest-dating-before-engagement couple i’ve ever booked. in the range of fifteen years together? ;) this couple is incredible. together they have traveled all over the world; nepal, peru, india, all over asia. while in nepal, they hiked for fifteen days up part of mount everest. kellie remembers, “it was hella cold and i hate the cold. this of course was my brilliant idea as a vacation and we froze our malnutritioned little butts off but of course, kenneth just went along with it when i planned this.” oh, one more thing. just because i think these two are so cute. when describing what kellie loves about ken, she wrote, “he’s pretty funny. or at least I think he is. although we both seem to have the same stupid jokes and he can tell me the same joke 10 times over and i’ll still think it’s funny.” bahah! this is soooo like me. stupid humour = amazing. can’t wait to see these two be married after fifteen-years together on july 31! ;)

to see more of kellie+ken’s steveston engagement session CLICK HERE for a slideshow.

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  1. Jacilyn M says:

    I laughed OUT loud 5 times while reading this. 5 times in 3 paragraphs! LOL! They seem like SO much fun can’t wait to see their wedding!

  2. Dorothy says:

    bahahaha! reading what you wrote and putting it with these images totally made me smile. these are so great jamie!

  3. s h e r r y says:

    They sound super fun, AND they’re super cute! :)

  4. Lydia says:

    They are the hot young Asian couple! They look amazing and fun in these pictures!

  5. Mackenzie says:

    Aww they sound adorable! Reading your emails back and forth made me smile ear to ear, that will be one happy wedding!

  6. Mikaela says:

    oh these are so great! loving this catch up week of (beeeautiful) posts!

  7. mandie says:

    cute. love the 5th frame down.they sound like the coolest couple!

  8. Truc says:

    I love this session! What a cute couple!

  9. rheba says:

    yay, I live in this town, and I was here today. Looks amazing girl!

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