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fort langley portraits: lindsay&colin

this session was a whirlwind–and i mean that in the best of ways. lindsay gee was one of the seventeen photographers that attended my workshop last week. herself, her husband colin & her daughter had driven down from penticton for the workshop and she emailed me about taking some photos for them. i knew i’d be too much of a stressball to photograph them before the workshop, so i said let’s do it the morning after! unfortunately for them, they received a very exhausted photographer who had difficulty speaking words that made sense. ;) i joke. but it was pretty bad. i had been emailing with lindsay for weeks, not to mention spent the entire day with her monday… but during our session tuesday morning i fully forgot her name for two seconds before remembering it. ah, lindsay, i’m so embarrassing to myself! thank you for loving me, regardless of my exhausted state. note: lindsay has a ROCKIN’ website. seriously one of the best i’ve seen. so much personality this girl has. i’d hire her.

lindsay & colin have the cutest story. man. i love it. so far from ordinary. lindsay was the “shake girl” working at the gym, colin was the man who came in to work out often–and often noticed the cute redhead behind the counter. lindsay had been watching him, too–and taking care to look extra-cute on the days he’d regularly work out. one morning, she came into work an emotional mess: having just finished a huge fight with one of her friends. [“and i never fight like that… since like grade three!”] as the story goes, colin approached her and said, you look tired. how’s your day going? lindsay, as open as she is, began to spill the whole friendship issue. [i love that about lindsay. i’m like that too. i just let people in. quickly. ask me what’s up, you’ll find out what’s up!] lindsay was intrigued with his listening skills… but even more so, when the next week colin came in again and asked for a friendship update. he joked, what can i say? i had my notebook out to make sure i had all the details correct.

women love to be listened to. lindsay was hooked. they started dating, were engaged three months later [hello! when you know, you know!] and then lindsay got pregnant. ;) they had their first child last june and in july, lindsay & colin had a surprise wedding. yep, you heard that right: a surprise wedding. it was a weekend in july 2010, a ton of their extended family happened to be in town, they hired a photographer, told the families they were taking “family pictures” and then lindsay in a wedding gown, colin in a suit, the wedding officiant behind them, walked in and got married! lindsay said you’ve never seen so many confused, happy, perplexed faces in your life. i can’t imagine! but i love it. i was honoured to take their “almost one year anniversary” photos. these two were SUPER natural in front of the camera. for real. loved it.

to see a few more photos of linsday & colin’s anniversary session CLICK HERE for the slideshow!

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  1. These are awesome!!! So so great!! Lindsay does have an incredible website!

  2. Becky says:

    What a cute story!! LOVE that second last shot on the stairs.

  3. totally cute and such a great idea!

  4. Gail says:

    So I took a look at Lindsay’s blog and oh my, she IS adorable. Love her personality! For reason, looking at photos of her, I see Florence Welch meets Tina Fey — like, how random is that? But, well, I’m pretty random and I mean it in a good way, since I adore both those women.

    PS – Colin TOTALLY pulls off the bald look! ;)

  5. Simone says:

    Jamie, these are so great! What a great story they have!

  6. Sarah Penner says:

    AWWWWWW cute story!

    YAY for anniversaries!

  7. Danell says:

    these 2 are one of a kind…meant for eachother and an honour to know them both…love you two!!!

  8. Lindsay says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG yyyyaaaaaaayyyyy!!! I loveeeee the photos Jamie!!!! I’m singing your name really loudly and operatically and Izzy-Rae (my babe) doesn’t know what’s going on!!! hahaha. These are sooo awesome. Don’t we look like we are having a good time..? Cuz WE WERE!!! :) Love you, love these.. bless your heart, teeny friend. You really should keep up with this photography thing. Looks like you have an eye for it. haha ! ;) And let’s just tell everyone that this only took you a half an hour!! Seriously..you are genius. Love!

  9. Lindsay says:

    the slideshow isn’t working for me… totally not a big deal, but wanted to let you know..it says it’s having trouble loading certain images? I’ll try on another computer! thx again tho… LOVE, LOVE

  10. maria says:

    Wonderful job Jamie. What a beautiful couple! They are an amazing match. Happy anniversary you two.

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