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jericho beach engagement: krystle&ken

even though we were both in other relationships at the time, we both felt something that night. ken smiled, glancing at krystle as he tightly held her hand, walking down jericho beach. krystle looks to ken, and then to me, nodding. he continues, we chatted on and off for a few minutes, even signed each other’s yearbooks–although we had met only a few hours earlier. it was the end of both krystle & ken’s grade twelve year and a mutual friend was having a summer barbeque to celebrate. krystle and ken attended different high schools & although they had perhaps “heard” of one another, that was the first time they met. life moved on; the timing wasn’t right. four years later, their friend group intersects again–krystle and ken joke that they have the relationships of other people to thank for their own. even at that first summer barbeque, ken’s girlfriend and krystle’s boyfriend were good friends. a few years later, one of krystle’s good friends starts dating one of ken’s friends. back in the same social circle again!

but there was still work to be done. krystle writes, we would hang out quite a bit (we went on a group trip to whistler together) and that’s when the feelings started. we hung out quite a few times over the summer & i think we both knew that we liked each other. both of us were too shy to approach each other about it. finally one day, ken & i decided to go out for bubble tea. ken took my hand & said, “i think we both want the same thing.” and indeed, they did. it’s been almost seven years since that moment and ken & krystle are getting married in less than six weeks! when i asked this couple what they wanted their wedding to be about, krystle answered: the most important thing to me is that love vibes will be felt ALL DAY LONG. i want everyone to be smiling and laughing. LOVE LOVE LOVE! — ken’s answer, i want our wedding day to bring everyone who is married back to when they got married & all that nostalgia. for those that aren’t married, hopefully it makes them say to themselves “i want that, i want to be happy like that too!”

i look forward to sharing in their day with them!


to see more of krystle + ken’s jericho beach engagement session click here for a slideshow.

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  1. these are so so beautiful!

  2. Just lovely! Love the outfits and her smile!!!!

  3. Nadine says:

    I can feel the love already!

  4. Laura says:

    Beautiful photos!


    Awesome. What a cute couple! Love these! I adore the look on her face in the fourth image!

  6. s h e r r y says:

    :) They’re so adorable!! And I like the post you did on these- kinda film-esque!! Rather different than your usual edits!

  7. These are stunning!

  8. Lisa Ang says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Congrats! :D

  9. jolly rabaya says:

    awesome pictures krystle and ken. wishing you “All The Best”

  10. Noe Gutierrez says:

    Congradulations thanks for share you happines whit all of us God bless you wedding

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