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maria & jon: portraits

jon has been one of my good friends for over two years now. we have had a lot of sweet hangout times–i laugh so hard around this buddy. random trips to walmart were usually a favourite. so many sweet things to look at, up and down the aisles, all around the store. even better is walmart in december at midnight. walmart is seriously one of my favourite things to do on a winter night–we even made a video in walmart with my friend candace one year. pretty embarrassing but pretty hilarious to us. last winter he showed up to a party at my house with a girl named maria… later that night i asked him about her. “i dunno, it’s kinda low-key, not really a big deal.” LIES! maria + jon have been together for eight months now and are one of my favourite couples to third wheel with.

they are wholly the perfect match together. same sense of humour exactly. i had never heard the full story of how these two met. maria is three years younger than jon and they used to attend the same church [but different campuses.] they think they saw each other at camp two years ago but age insured there really was nothing to say. over a year later, jon was skyping with a friend–and maria was at this friend’s house. jon said, a few days later, i saw maria leave a comment on my friend’s facebook–she was funny. i commented back. then i added her. HA. we started talking online… then i asked her to hang out. we went to granville island–had the best time–and i asked her out a couple months later. boooooom. love it.

on friday, the three of us went to IKEA–maria and jon watched me shop and pick curtains and frames and bedspreads and lampshades and jon found some inspiration for his kids’ names someday: look at this, DAMPA… what about this one. SKUGGIG. come here dampa! skuggig, stop hitting your sister. later we were walking out to our cars in the parking lot and jon started surfing on the very-full cart. maria turned to me, when we first started hanging out jon was unsure he wanted to date me because i was “soooo” young. do you see this? i’m babysitting him most of the time. as these words came out of maria’s mouth jon bailed with the cart and five picture frames went flying. IT’S OKAY. NOTHING BROKE.

you two are fun.

ps. jon lost 85 pounds this past year and a half. proud.

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  1. Meredith says:

    cute! great shots, Jamie! :]

  2. Allie says:

    Oh Jamie! Wow! I am constantly amazing by your work. You are one of my ALL time favorite photographers. You have no idea how much I love your stuff! What lens do you use for sessions like this?!

  3. ashlyn says:

    love these! they’re a cute couple:)

  4. Lauren says:

    They look like such a fun couple! Beautiful beautiful pictures :)

  5. Brielle says:

    So cute! Haha fun times….

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