December 18, 2014 In weddings

2014 Season Behind the Scenes

What you don't see in my wedding posts!

Something I love seeing this time of year are all of the “behind the scenes” posts from my wedding photographer friends. Similar to what I wrote in my “What’s In My Camera Bag?” post – it is so cool to see “what you don’t see” behind the camera. Now that you know the equipment I use… here’s some of the ridiculous poses I get myself into while I’m photographing!

I’ll stand on beds (after asking permission of course) or jam myself into corners.

I’ll tie the perfect bridal sash!

Hanging out in the aisle at Meagan and James’ Fraser River Lodge Wedding.


Throwing rice sure looks fun while the bride and groom exit the wedding… but Hannah’s hair did not want to let go of that rice! ;)
From Hannah and Josh’s God’s Mountain Estate Wedding.


This was an incredible day – photographing my brother Brandon’s wedding to Jen. I was a bridesmaid and a photographer. You can read Part One and Part Two of their blog post here!

I will laugh a lot on your wedding day…!

And hide in the forests. (At Karina and Corey’s wedding at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.)

Annik and Rob’s destination wedding at Summerhill Winery in Kelowna was a blast.

More bed climbing… at Natalie and Reuben’s wedding.

I adore this location.

Shooting at the Swan-E-Set Wedding of Carmen and Trevor.

Another fun thing about Carmen and Trevor’s wedding was three past Jamie Delaine brides and grooms in attendance! I only got a photo with Alvina and Jonathan + Andrea and Scott, however Jaclyn and Matt were there too!

I had an AMAZING wedding season this year… and I am thrilled for the 2015 season!