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Swaneset Wedding Photos

Carman and Tommy: May 13, 2017

Carman and Tommy got married this past weekend, on Saturday, May 13th. The morning celebrations began with one of the most fun Chinese traditions – door games. Door games involve the groom ‘bribing’ his way into the bride’s family home by presenting money and sometimes gifts to the bridesmaids. After the bridesmaids let the groom and groomsmen into the home, there are a series of challenges the groom needs to pass – with the help of his men!

The rest of the day was filled with a tea ceremony at Carman’s family’s house, ceremony at Westwood Alliance Church, short reception in the church basement with friends, portraits on the Swan-E-Set Golf Course property, another tea ceremony for Tommy’s family at Swan-E-Set and a reception! It was a full, long day and Carman and Tommy were so joyful through it all.

One of my favourite parts about Carman and Tommy’s wedding day was the tangible presence of God as their ceremony began. The congregation sang three or four songs in worship to God after Carman walked down the aisle to Tommy. I’m not much of a crier at weddings, but I could feel tears starting – it was a powerful moment!

Carman and Tommy, thank you for trusting me as your wedding photographer and to both of your families for being so kind, hospitable and loving! 

Carman and her Dad were hidden away upstairs in a spare bedroom watching Tommy complete the Door Game challenges on FaceTime. 

A few minutes before Tommy was granted access to his bride!

I love the candid moments during tea ceremonies, so beautiful. 

How cute are the two little boys in front of Tommy? I love it. 

Love this one.

Perfect stormy skies that seemed to threaten rain all day, but it never came!