June 30, 2011 In engagements, photography

gastown engagement session: natalie&jamie

there’s a song i’ve been listening to non-stop lately. it’s a cover of “i want you back” by jackson 5 and it’s sung by the civil wars. oh baby give me one more chance, show you that i love you, won’t you please let me [back in your heart] — oh darlin’ i was blind to let you go, but now since i see you in his arms, i want you back.

meet natalie and jamie. a couple whose story started almost ten years ago — when they met at a mutual friend’s soccer game. a few weeks after, the team gathered again for a barbeque and natalie & jamie spent the evening talking on the couch. they started dating soon after and went out for a few months, until jamie decided it wasn’t right. he broke up with natalie and that was the end of that. around this time, natalie and one of her good friends decided to move to toronto. her friend got a great job offer & natalie was looking forward to a new adventure in her life. so she moved with. five years pass. jamie happens to be traveling to toronto. he looks up natalie online, the ex-girlfriend he let walk out of his life, decides to take her out for dinner. oh baby give me one more chance, show you that i love you, won’t you please let me [back in your heart] — jamie saw what his life had been missing for the past five years and two months later, natalie moved back home. boom! these two have been together ever since.

jamie smiled sheepishly, you know how it is. young males don’t really know a good thing when they see it… until it’s gone. [“oh darlin’ i was blind to let you go”] well, all that matters now, is that they are together. both natalie and jamie look back on that time apart and know it was a good thing. timing is so, so important–she grew, he grew, they came back together stronger than ever. i loved photographing their engagement session in gastown this past week–although the rain came out halfway through our session, we didn’t let it ruin our fun. i’m so excited for their wedding this august–laura & darren are great friends of theirs and will be in the bridal party as well. natalie and jamie, enjoy the photos + see you soon!

  • Such a cute couple! Aww! Love this session!

  • Perfect! Love these Jamie! Nat and Jamie look stunning. I love 8, 10 and 12! Gorgeous! xo

  • So good! Love the brick vibe.

  • Joanna

    Beautiful photos!! Nat you look stunningly beautiful as always. And Jamie- looking good cuz!
    Look forward to the wedding shots.

  • Ah another beautiful shoot!
    I especially love the ones next to the deep red wall, such rich, vibrant colours.
    And I love Natalie’s maroon dress!

  • Really great shoot, and that song is lovely. :-)

  • Heather

    Fabulous shots, guys! Love the gastown backdrop, too.